Jimmy wasn’t much for gamblin’, played it safe all the time

Never threw his heart around, his money or his time

Stayin’ in control, slowly suckin’ in his soul

His chance was comin’, but only if he let it roll


See Jimmy always took the One line twenty minutes to downtown

Buried deep in his book he don’t look up or look around

So tightly wound, till somebody shook his ground

She took a seat next to him, sayin’ “‘Scuse me, have I seen you around?”


Jimmy stuttered without words to say she was too much for his mind

‘Cause his eyes saw inside, nowhere to hide, turnin’ red

“Now I remember, it was Second Street, eatin’ lunch in the Gold Cafe”

 Jimmy smiled, noddin’ yes, tryin’ his best, so afraid


Could of done one or two things: let it roll or run and hide

Jimmy’d always done the latter, and it seemed too late to try

But he’s growin’ cold, all he ever got was old

They make lunch plans for Friday, Jimmy finally let it roll


A year had passed, and love had come and gone, but at least he’d taken the dive

Now he looked half his age, turned a new page, so alive

Hey batter, batter, what you waitin’ for, better step up to the plate

Gotta take your swing, when the Big Girl sings, it’s too late


One life, one chance, you’re gonna miss it if you don’t dance

Get off that wall and shake your thing

Stretch out, breathe deep, you’re too tired, better get some sleep

You only get back what you bring and no steppin’ back once you’re in this ring


Jimmy done learned his lesson, came in from the cold

dug up all his talents, finally gave up his gold

He let it go, precious pride will take its toll

He said “you just die slowly, ‘less you learn to let it roll “


© 1996 Richard S. March