Kristine and her girlfriend Jackie

They took a trip and they never looked back

Friday came, and they both quit their jobs

Paid cold cash for a brand new hog

Put their things in a storage room

And made the Utah line by the next afternoon


They’d been ridin’ all day long

110 without a helmet on

Jackie was hungry, so was Kristine

They took the first motel that was cheap and clean

Messed up their bed and both took a shower

Found a coffee shop that was open twenty-four hours


Just at their table Kristine ordered a beer

Waitress said, “Lady, we don’t serve liqour here”

Jackie said “what’s wrong?  You think it’s a sin?”

Waitress said, “Lady, you know what city you’re in?”

This is Utah, Salt Lake

The weather is fine and the air is great

Don’t do drugs, we don’t stay up late

We put our money in the collection plate


Jackie said, “this is Kristine, and my name is Jackie

We took a trip and we’re never looking back

We’re going marching up in Big DC and then we’re gonna settle down where the air is clean

I didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers, but I kinda like my boots and leathers

So, if we ever come through again this way

We can teach you how to ride and you can show us how to pray”


They made Washington in just three days

The weather was fine and the air was great

Jackie wasn’t alone in her riding gear

Kristine had no trouble findin’ a beer

After the march, with their spirits high, they were both ready to start a new life


They met a couple of conservative queens

Headed on down to New Orleans

Jackie found work at a software firm

Kristine finished school as a lab intern


Well, this is what happens when you go after your dreams

You follow your heart and forget other schemes

Take a tip from Jack’ and Kristine and you can

Settle down where the air is clean


© 1994 Richard S. March