Once again, I feel new horizons

Where life is touched by the sun

Realized the pain is part of the gain

We stretch to grow

Slowly breathing, now I’m seeing


Love again, through the eyes of our children

Watching them, I laugh at myself

Try and ‘member when I played with a friend

Without a care

Sharing stories, funny faces

Laughing loud in public places

Who said growing up meant growing cold


And sooner or later you fall apart

Find you’re one step closer to whole

Wasted time on a worried start

Slowly lose yourself in control

So damned scared of a broken heart

But broken hearts are stronger, baby

Broken hearts are stronger, I am told


When I stand to learn, it’s from my falling down

When I puff my chest, I wear a humble crown

Grateful it’s this crown that got me here

Without blinders, seeing clear


When it’s strength I find, it comes from being weak

I’ll watch the rocks I climb, forget about the peaks

I’m just a fool who stumbled on

One small pathway through this tunnel

No one makes it through this one alone


And sooner or later you fall apart

Serves you right for staying at home

Wasted time on a worried start

Jealous lover, bury your bone

Wake up child, you’re a work of art

Flower waiting for its season

Thinker waiting for a reason

Here it is inside you from the start



© 1995 Richard March