Jimmy took a bus to school last year, but he won’t be riding this fall

The money that paid for the driver, built a brand new prison wall

Sarah won’t be studying violin, although she was doing real well

‘Cause the money that put a little music in her life, paid for the prison bell

Who’s gonna tell Maria, she can’t come to school,

‘Cause the Capital Man got some power in his hand

and he rewrote the golden rule, it said...


Do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself

Unless you’re talking about the voiceless, you can put them on a shelf

I’ll do unto others as I would have them do unto me

But if you can’t touch my title, then I’ll do just as I please


She was left alone with little Ramone, she wants to go to work, but she’s got to stay at home

There was money for a nursery, he could have gone, but the Capital Man wouldn’t leave it alone

Prison jeans since he was sixteen, finally found some people that would keep him clean

Thanks to a few fighting tooth and nail, he made it out of that living hell


‘Cause some still believe love is stronger than a gun

We lose most of the battles but the war will be won

This law was written ‘fore your house ever stood

Ain’t worth living unless it’s understood...


You’ve got to do unto others, as you would have them do unto you

We will build two houses, you will live in which you choose

House of love, house of tears

One built with courage, one built with fear

One for the faithful, one for the fraud

One by the heart, one by the rod


You’ve got to do unto others

Love one another

Do unto others

Sisters and brothers

Do unto others



© 1994Richard March