Soldiers were my heroes

Battle was my dream

Took my stand second hand

In books and magazines

The blood red stripe, the silver sword

The strong and brave, and just reward


Soldiers were my heroes

I’d fight for what was true

A deacon in the Holy Church of

Red, White &  Blue


Soldiers were my heroes,

I wanted so to fight

I’d read of far off, foreign lands,

N’ dream of them at night

I didn’t get the chance, I’s only six years old

When they pulled out of the palace,

N’ brought our heroes home

Used to kick myself

For bein’ born after the fight

Now I thank my savior on my knees

Each and every night


What I thought was servin’ God and country

Had nothin’ to do with the Lord

Thought I’s called to serve a bloody justice

Till he said

Put away your sword, put away your sword


Then a wall came, and I broke down

The heroes in my home town

Their lyin’ there, cuss and cryin’ there

He caught me, with a cold stare

That haircut, that stiff stance

You’re caught by the romance

But war ain’t nothin’ but a business, see

They sell you slick in history

That flag you’re prayin’ to’s the real enemy

Real enemy, real enemy



What about that preacher,

Who in the book of old

Said there’s a time for peace and war,

A time to reap and sow

I say that preacher wrote those words

Long before the lamb

Who died upon the altar,

N’ washed us all of sin

Soldiers were my heroes,

But now I see the light

My heroes are the ones who’ve learned

To wage a lovin’ fight


He came not bringing peace,

But with a mighty sword

Coming not in condemnation,

But to save a dyin’ world

This sword it slew but never drew

A single drop of blood

Shedding light upon the world,

Cutting wide a righteous flood

Caught in lies of honor,

That I could not afford

He said put away your sword,

Put away your sword


Put away your sword,  boy,

Put away your sword

Sure as hell that ain’t no way

To serve a loving God

Only seventy times seven

With compassion you must fight

This and this alone

Will get you through the darkest night


Put away your sword, boy,

Put away your sword

Sure as hell that ain’t no way

To serve a loving God

Only love and understanding

Will win this war of peace

Lay down that sword of blood lust, boy

Your soul will be released


© 1995 Richard March