Daddy’s born there, I was born there too;

 It ain’t where I grew

Time I came ‘round, we had moved away, to south suburban streets

Where shopping malls and money make you sleep

Small town’s stuffy, thought I’d suffocate

Thinkin’ ‘bout the Golden Gate


Grandma lived there, I’d go spend the night, she did things up right

Fryin’ chicken, made the place smell fine.  We’d eat and then we’d play

Backgammon, Go Fish and Crazy Eights

Me and Grandma, those were special days

Goin’ up to Golden Gate


Sunday sometimes, family’d ride

To the city, to a church so pretty that it left us all wide-eyed

Service over, it was Tommy’s Joint to start

With a little luck we’d feed the ducks

And play around in my favorite park

Backseat ride home, not a child awake

Dreamin’ ‘bout the Golden Gate


Lived in “Sunset”, in the “Richmond” too.  Guess I ain’t that cool

Fog rolls thick here. I like it fine that way, it keeps my mind at ease

Night time streetlights glow so silver screen.

Like some movie filmed in ‘48

Romantic in the Golden Gate


Summer’s late here.  It hardly holds

We ain’t go but three long seasons, that’s “windy”, “wet” and “cold”

Salt air soothes me, much more than a summer breeze

L.A. may be where you make it, but it only makes me sneeze

You ask most folks, seems they’re here to stay

Why? They love the Golden Gate



San Francisco, second chance

Brand new love for some and for others old romance

I was born here, It’s here I hope to die

But if I’m gone when I’m called upon, bring my body back by her side

Let my ashes float down to the waves

Underneath the Golden Gate