He spoke of poetry, and looking off the highest cliff

Into a darkness and depression that was bottomless

He found a friend or two, who kept him from the final step

I came behind him, callin’ softly as I slowly crept


You spoke of angels and of heavens; I see only this

A mirror laughs at my reflection in my loneliness

So tools I have to think, and think and think and think again

But all these thoughts are just the sand that I am sinking in


I say mine eyes look to the hills for sweet assuredness

but all he see’s hypocrisy and finger pointedness

Such good intentions paved a road he said he read about

Maybe someday he’ll look beyond the face and figure out


Somewhere, somebody braved a path of harmony

Footsteps were left for us to follow, finding company

No proven program neatly fits the foot of everyone

But surely those suffering truth are the living ones


What is Love and what is Truth, but words of emptiness

When raised in crazy worlds so full of fear and brokenness

You and your absolutes are the roots of all this prejudice

Defining lines that bind and break the backs of innocents


Compassion’s fashion, so in style for all the truly hip

But I see through your servant robes and all their righteousness

You wear them only to disguise your want of worthiness

Those who need no one but themselves, they are the truly blessed


Mirror reflection from the other side of vanity

Shots fired back in white and black of harmony

I will agree that most decrees are born of cowardice

But I pray that we meet on the street where the law of loving lives


© 1996 Richard S. March