When I saw her, she was lookin’ like a boy with her hair tucked under her hat

She’s dancin’ with a couple of her friends, givin’ me a heart attack

‘Bout blind when I saw her from behind, she was lookin’ like a fine gazelle

Like a fool, tried to play it cool, but I just couldn’t help myself


When I saw her for the second time, she was lookin’ like a woman of means

Black hair, with a lightin’ bolt of gold, long dress, fell below her knees

Small bar, I was playin’ my guitar, tryin’ hard not to look her way

‘Cause I knew if I caught her in the eye I’d forget what I was gonna say



Cindy, what am I gonna do

You got me lyin’ here, starin’ at the ceiling, like a kid in middle school

Lady, no I didn’t make plans for this

You got me trippin’ over flowers, and I ain’t even got a kiss


She was livin’ in a healin’ house with three other wild flowers

Like sisters they would help each other out, sit around, talkin’ for hours

Got there I could feel it in the air, like a shelter in the middle of war

So I said a word of thanks to my God, give me something I was searching for




I was never good at goin’ with the girls, I was better off walkin’ alone

Damn sure when I make myself a way, I’m gonna build me a family home

I pray when I finally see the day that the one I love is wild and free

Livin’ proof got me closer to the truth

Girl, you’ve been a gift to me




© 1995Richard March