I been sleeping light lately, my eyes are dancin ‘round

Try’n to trouble too much water, I just keep losing ground

Joy been like a lost loved one, a memory hard to heal

Holding onto dreams too tight, I let go everything that’s real



I ain’t asking favors, no one owes me nothing, hey nothing is free

But I can’t take a step baby, ‘til somebody believes in me


House a little too empty, just big enough to hide

The chicks have finally flown, your on your own, now the clock just ticks the time

Time just seems to move slower, since we had it to ourselves

Guess its time we search, sort, share, all that stuff that’s on the shelf


It’s a new beginning, it’s a scary feeling, will we still agree

You can have your doubts baby, but you better believe in me


I been listening hard lately, shouting deep inside

Waiting on that lost echo, come back saying it’s alright

Dropping thoughtful pebbles in my well, trying to stir a passion pool

Ear upon my chest, no reply, Man I just stand here like a fool


I ain’t no hard luck story, I never want for nothing, there’s fruit on my tree

But I can’t take a bite baby, ‘til somebody believes in me


© 2000 Richard March