Benny’s ballin’ much too fast

St Francis bells ring five o’clock & he’s already gassed

Been this way for two long years

When his lover left him in a fit of angry tears


Now he’s numb and turnin’ twice his age

Wandered far enough away where no one knows his name

Let the wheel go pedal to the floor

Coward’s laugh, he burns the ash until there’s nothing more


Face all bloodied from the fall

When he woke he scraped to stand and lean against the wall

Makes an empty promise there

Swears upon an early grave he’ll somehow start again


Spits a mouthful ‘n’ tries to take a breath

Night air fills his nostrils burnin’ up his broken chest

Alley starts to spinnin’ ‘round and ‘round

Takes a step, doubles back n’ crumbles to the ground


Now your weary tired eyes are weak, nothin’ left but shallow breath

You shake from lack of sleep

The ride was lightin’, Flyin’ without wings

Wipe the cold sweat from your brow, blinkin’ from the sting


People step far out of your way

They can taste the smell of you from half a block away

Mornin’ brings him to his door, finds a note wrote quickly

“You don’t live here anymore.”


©1996Richard S. March