Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Earthen Mother, Christian too

Native Spirit, Atheist, and the millions that I’ve missed

Everybody’s got a book, tale from the tribe

If yours teaches love and justice then your book is mine


Woman prophet, priestess healer, daughters wise and old

When your voice is missing only half the story’s told

Matters not your clothing, choice of words or tongue you talk

What matters is communion, what matters is your walk



So many temples, so many tribes, none of us should change

None of us should hide

Too many hateful prophets false and full of lies

Calling us to judge each other, calling us to die


When our word’s our weapon, and our wisdom’s war

Then we worship wickedness, n’ we’ve been there before

If you stand in judgement, find a mirror flat

If it’s stones you’re throwing, pray perfection stares you back




I got a vision of a holy house, holy for its Love

You can say it’s from inside, say it’s from above

There is room for all of us, there is food enough

Let’s put this house in order

Let’s live it up


We seek the same great city, you pray east and I’ll pray west

Neither is more righteous, neither is the best

If you’re born into a curse, with some help you can reverse

If you choose a hateful voice, there’s no helping conscious choice




© 1996   Richard March