Grew up where the fog is thick and pretty, sweet smell of ocean spray

Just a half hour from the city, could’ve been another state

Step daddy was a lone truck driver, many times at home, but not enough

She learned to walk from her sister, learned her talkin’ from her daddy’s truck


Everybody said she’d be a beauty, curious and strong

Sister took a Greyhound to the City, Katie tagged along

Bus station was a big top circus, midgets, clowns, acrobats ‘n’ all

Wasn’t long ‘fore she found her own bus, sixteen years and on her own


Everybody there was wearing flowers, children filled the streets

Music playin’ long after hours, marchin’ to the beat

That winter Tetbecame offensive, Bobby died before he had begun

Summer came and they buried Moses, Katie carried her first son


She left the Golden Gate, southbound on interstate, she liked the dessert sage, sweet Santa Fe

Moved every couple years, then someone else appeared, Momma times two, she’s still pushing the pace


Gettin’ tired of ten years of travelin’, lookin’ for peaceful ground

Katie took a trip up to Ashland, thought she’d settle down

Boys liked it when the wind blew through ‘em, now their long hair lay upon their face

Small town figured different, cut your hair and take your place


Katie was livin’ fast, never an empty glass,  fact it stayed full twenty years or so

Kids kneeled down at night, prayin’ she’d be alright, keep her from crashin’ or losin’ control

Then on a rainy day, she felt familiar pains, Merlin was kickin’ and it was to change

She took a solemn vow, “I’ll walk the worthy route."

Said bye to sadder times and turned the page 


© 1996 Richard S. March




Some say I’m falling (yeah)

Some say I’m wrong (hold on)

Say I’m not worthy of a righteous song

Who made you the fire, are you so refined

Condemn the dirt that’s in my eyes

when you’ve got boulders that blind


Let’s go to the mountain (see the Lord)

Or the olive tree (be restored)

And if you’re perfect, you can stone me

We all need a little mercy (yeah)

Need to be unbound (hear the trumpets sound)

So won’t you join me on my knees

Before you put me down


Who gave you the right (sike)

What made you the flood

I say we save our breath for praising, ‘stead of slinging all this mud

Only need one judgement seat (yeah)

Who gave you the sword (come on)

Don’t you know matters such as these are between me and my Lord

I need a little mercy (yeah)

Need to be unbound (right now)

So won’t you join me on my knees

Before you put me down


I can quote the book, you can do the same

Make each other stumble in the judgement game

Or lift each other up, put hatred on the shelf

Learn to love each other like we do ourselves


© 1994 Richard S. March