He left a message, boy, and deep inside he knew

That she was sittin’ there just watchin’ it roll

She didn’t have the heart to pick up the receiver and

To tell him he was too in control


She wasn’t lookin’ for another mother’s Oedipal son

Wanted someone who had learned to walk alone

And didn’t have to work at havin’ fun


Pushin’ 30, but you know she doesn’t worry

“Cause she’s learned to like her company fine

Ain’t in no hurry, yeah the sister’s good at takin’ her time


Hey, hey, it sure is hard to fake it when the winter months can get so cold

Hey, hey, this love is overrated till you spend some time inside of your soul


They went out every couple weeks

But he was weak ‘cause he couldn’t tell her this should end

So he smiled a lot, and tried not to get physical

‘Cause maybe they could just be friends


She wasn’t stupid, but she sure was tired of bein’ alone

He was polite, he never took the upper hand

But now she wished he was a bit more bold


She just stopped callin’ and got on with her life

Now he wonders why he’s always alone

Maybe someday he’ll have the guts to leave his comfort zone


Hey, hey, you hang a sign that’s vacant, babe, you’re askin’ for a stranger to call

Hey, hey, you step into the lens and maybe then you’ll find you’re not so small


Yeah I’m tired of wakin’ up and takin’ up my time

with all this tryin’ to find the finish line

It’s my own fault, I chose to step into a vault

Instead of coloring outside of the lines


I drank the vinegar, yeah, thinkin’ it was fruit of the vine


Hey, hey, I’m glad you found the formula, now let me see you put it in place

Hey, hey, I sure don’t mean to rush ya, but we’d love to see it right away...